Monday, April 09, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever!

Does Batgirl want her own Super Best Friends Forever comic book series?
I LOVE the new Super Best Friends Forever (aka SBFF) DC Nation shorts. Of course, I don't have television so I have to watch the shorts on YouTube (and so can you). They're so adorable! I wasn't familiar with Lauren Faust before (although I knew her designs...I just didn't know who she was). Check out her brilliant Galaxy Girls designs!

I've been sketching the girls, Batgirl mostly, in between drawing jobs. I really want to draw the DC comic book that really, really should be made for the SBFF!



Joe Boyle said...

If this happens, please please please bring me on as your inker!

SalBa Combé said...

Wow! I love this DC girls. And the batgirl sketches are too beautys.
See you!

j. said...

Joe Boyle - It's all a delicious dream...but sometimes dreams come true. (Do I have to click my heels together and think happy thoughts or something now?)

SalBa Combé - Thanks, muchly.


Jason Quinones said...

A Beautiful Bat Girl and great sketches!!