Monday, September 15, 2008

Captain Hammer!

"Captain Hammer's here, hair blowing in the breeze!" Seriously, Joss Whedon and gang had better do more with Dr. Horrible. I haven't been this obsessed with something since...Avenue Q! Or maybe Sky Captain before I saw the actual movie. Seeing the movie cured me of any obsession.
Penny, with her adorable little overbite, is too much fun not to draw. Like all damsels she falls quickly under Captain Hammer's spell.

For kicks I like to call him "Captain Hammer Pants".


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It all goes horribly wrong!

"Here lies everything. The world I wanted at my feet." Dr. Horrible loses his lady-love and thus is created a whole new kind of evil. I love the finale song. When the music amps up into that weird, eerie sound right before Dr. Horrible enters the board room and delivers his final horrible lines gives me chills.

And here's the art minus the semi-cheesy background. I don't know that he looks so awful much like Neil Patrick Harris but I hope it at least looks like my other version of Dr. Horrible.
Definitely drawing Captain Hammer-pants next.