Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Super Friends! Sick Days!

I'm late with this update. I've had a few sick days which, when you're self employed, actually cost money :) But I'm better now thanks to a lot of sleep, Neo-Citron and Extra Strength Tylenol!
Last week a new comic book hit the stands. Super Friends is aimed at a younger reader than might ordinarily be found in a comic shop and is based on the Mattel toy've seen a few of my "wish list" toy designs here and here. Those are not actual toy designs for Mattel but my own dream toys which which most likely never come to pass.
I'm really enjoying drawing the covers for the Super Friends and can't wait for you all to see the JLApe cover!

While I was sick I didn't spend much time at my drawing table. But all that time lying around left me itching to draw despite my I would sit in my sick bed with a pad of sketch paper and a mechanical pencil and draw whatever happened to be on tv or in my head. This is a collection of a few pages of some of my favourites. The little women are inspired by the brilliant Arthur De Pins a French artist who's work I think everyone should check out. Some of his drawings are a little "not safe for work". Though even his sex drawings are so adorably cute my Grandmother would love them.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Wonder Woman Wednesday!

This wednesday (I believe) marks the release of the one shot special Justice League: The New Frontier! In it you'll find many wonderous things to behold including artwork from the animated movie, a new Batman/Superman story by Darwyn Cooke, a Robin story by Dave Bullock inked by Mike Cho and a Wonder Woman story by ME! This is my take on Darwyn's New Frontier Wonder Woman in a terrific story written by Darwyn. I've been wanting to draw Wonder Woman for print ever since I started working in comics and I'm thrilled to finally have it happen. Even more so because I got to work with Cooke! And because Cooke loaded the story with pin-up girls! What more could a guy ask for in a story?!?

This is the cover so you'll know what to look for! Please check it out! I really don't think you'll be disappointed (but then I am terribly biased about this sort of thing :)