Monday, March 25, 2013

Vamping Vampirella!

 I've been sketching directly in marker lately and for some reason a bunch of those drawings ended up being Vampirella. Maybe because I saw a collection of her old stories or something? Who knows. She's there in my subconscious. I like the giant block of black hair playing against her nearly naked body.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Drawing the Dead!

 Whew! I say again...Whew! I have been long absent from my blog. Work just piled up over the end of the year. It hasn't quite let up but it has lessened. Even with all the work I doodled a lot, mostly while taking breaks and watching my favourite shows on the telly. As you may have already guessed I drew these while watching the Walking Dead! I love Michonne - but who doesn't.
I've also started a Tumblr for photographs that inspire or that I just dig. Occasionally I'll post drawings of the images. I'll try to post them on my blog as well as on my Tumblr.