Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Musical Interlude!

This little piece is for the children's text book company for whom I continue to do work. Man, I really like doing work for them. The spots are simple but they give me a chance to play around with characters in fun little situations.
I loosely based the girl on the old Rankin and Bass Pinocchio character from the tv series. This jpeg is the only one I could find online. It was a stop-motion animated show I used to watch as a kid. I loved it.

As often happens after I've done a drawing I start thinking that I "swiped" the characters from somewhere. So I did a little search through my computer files and there in my Steve Lambe folder was a cute little tyke with parted hair and pony tails. Darnit! Steve's art is far superior to my own and I often look through that folder when I want to be inspired. Which is how I ended up creating something so like his. For the final piece I'm gonna change things up a bit so I'm not embarassing myself by being a copycat!

Sorry Steve! Please don't sue...!!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mawwiage! That sacwed institution!

A country wedding? Sounds lovely, doesn't it? This here is my drawing for my sister's summer wedding.
As you can see the happy couple are fans of ATVs. I think my recent work for children's publications is affecting my thinking...I couldn't responsibly draw the family without safety helmets AND eye protection! I also opted to place my nieces on their own vehicle even though it was funnier in the rough sketch to have them hanging onto the back of the main ATV and, sort of, flying through the air.

Apparently I have no qualms about putting a dog in harms way, mind you. Hey, if the dog wants to sit up front that's his choice. He's a grown dog, after all.
(Honestly, I love dogs. Don't sick the SPCCA on me...that's the Society for the Prevention of Cartoon Cruelty to Animals! Natch!)