Friday, January 13, 2012

New Web-Comic!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I've got some news I'm excited about - starting Saturday January 14th 2012 I'll be posting a weekly web-comic. The star of the comic is an old character I created way back in my college days. He's appeared a few strips here and there but I've never done any long term work with him. This year that's gonna change!
Gobukan is the blue guy. He's a monster from another dimension working on Earth as an Accountant/Superhero. The lovely blonde beside him is his secretary Sally Halliday. The comics are just going to be silly, fun little romps with monsters, robots, time travel, aliens and all kinds of stuff that I love (and grew up loving in Saturday Morning Cartoons).

Check out Saturday Morning Webtoons and my own GOBUKAN blog for updates as well as other comics by a bunch of brilliant artists!