Monday, June 20, 2011

La Minouche!

Another member of Les Coquettes, La Minouche, is the hostess of the Coquettes' shows. Though this image is from their Valentine's Day show, I recently sat front row at Les Coquettes' 80s themed extravaganza and got to hold La Minouche's gum while she parlez-ed with the audience. It was minty.

And the 80s show? Their best show yet! Je t'aime Les Coquettes!


Thursday, June 09, 2011


Recently someone introduced me to the absolutely beautiful art of Vera Brosgol and Emily Carroll through their blog Fashion From Old People! The drawings they do of old costumes are classic and yet so contemporary at the same time. I love both for their simplicity with the figure and lovely decorative elements when drawing things like lace and flowers.

After looking at their work for a few hours I took one of my Burlesque sketches and tried to finish it in a different, more simplified style. I've also been wanting to try a rough outline approach to a final drawing, like R.C. Harvey would do with his classic pin-ups.

It was a fun experiment and I'm going to try out a few more. The subject is Charlotte Webber of Les Coquettes.

p.s. Lotsa links in this post :) Go! Have fun checking out all the lovely work!