Sunday, August 27, 2006


Here, finally, is the missing member of Alpha Flight! I didn't include Marrina in my original drawing of Alpha Flight because by issue number two she'd left the team (after gutting Puck!) Sure, she provided the jet of water that defeated the giant earth elemental in issue number one but then she went and RIPPED PUCK'S GUTS OUT!!

Alpha Flight fan and avid swimmer Steve Manale pointed out my omission, and was not the only one to do so. For the Alpha Fans, especially those who love that underwater alien, here in all her gut ripping glory is Marrina.

p.s. For those who may not know, that is Puck spinning on the end of Marrina's finger. It seems she can't stop herself from twisting his innards!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Today's brief entry is a convention drawing I did of Puck, from Alpha Flight (see previous post). This is one of the best convention sketches I have ever done. Probably because Puck is fun to draw, but also because the guy I was drawing for, Milo, was friendly and jokey!
We joked about artists not usually drawing backgrounds on their convention sketches which is why Puck is happily bouncing through a detailed backdrop of trees and rocks. I commented that Puck was apparently always in pain because of his dwarfism. I had never heard that little people experience regular pain from their condition. I always thought of Puck as a fun character with a happy spirit. If he's in pain he hides it well. That is why he smiles as he says "Ow!".
I think Puck's legs are probably too long in this drawing which will upset Steve but it's too late to change it now.