Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wonder Woman in Playboy!

Exciting news brings me to post today. A buddy send me a link to the Playboy blog which has a little piece on Darwyn's and my Wonder Woman story in the recent New Frontier one-shot. Clicking the link will take you directly to the blog post...which is fairly safe-for-work. There is no nudity, though cleavage is abundant in the banner ads. My feeling is the article is light-hearted and the writer gets that Cooke and I were having a bit of fun.
It's pretty cool! Just so I'm not posting without putting up artwork, here are some sketches done recently just for fun. Wonder Woman is pretty much my default doodle character. Gosh but I love 'er!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Savage She-Hulk!

Ramon Perez asked a bunch of us, his artist buddies, to work up some Hulk themed images for a recent job. I like the Hulk but I've always preferred to read the adventures of She-Hulk. Blame it on John Byrne whose run on the character made me fall in love with her. I think what I liked most about her was that she wasn't on the run from anyone (or anything...or herself). With She-Hulk you have straightforward superhero adventuring un-encumbered by debilitating self-hatred or public fear (see pretty much any Hulk story).

I want to plug a few things that I hope you'll check out. First I want to point out the comic strips going on over at Transmission X. Every strip is highly reccommendable and the site itself is multiple award nominated (Shusters and Eisners).

I've finally added a link to the guy who sells my art, Albert Moy! I've recently sent Albert a bunch of pages from my work on Gotham Girls and Spider-Man: Tangled Web. He's also got my Spirit work.

And finally, if you haven't seen it yet, go check out the IRON MAN movie. Not that it needs my help to be a tremendous success...but I just loved the movie and encourage everyone to see it. It's just so nice when a comic book movie is entertaining, true to the spirit of the character, well acted, looks good and is fantastically well written. If you want to see how true Favreau and crew stuck to the Tony Stark character read (or re-read) the origin of Iron Man. The Essential Iron Man collection available at any big bookstore is the best place to find the story.