Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hello! I have multiple pieces of GOBUKAN related updates to relate. One is that the first complete long form adventure of GOBUKAN is now...complete. And you can read it all HERE. And also read even more comics at Saturday Morning Webtoons

Two - I've started a GOBUKAN CafePress shop with t-shirts and a journal (aka A Diary). I write all kinds of secrets in my diary.  I'll be adding more images and items as I build the shop. Let me know if there are any of my non-licensed images you'd like to see on a shirt, mousepad, coffee mug, or keychain.

Third - If you're in Toronto May 5th and 6th I'll be at TCAF, though not officially set up at any one table, with postcards available. I'll be on a Saturday Morning Webtoons panel which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday at noon. We tried for a morning time slot but everyone one was still eating cereal in their pjs and reading Saturday Morning Webtoons.

And now, before I annoy you with all my GOBUKAN excitement (too late) I bid you adieu and have a pleasant day.

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Checking this out now!

Great work!