Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Carter of Awesome!

I finally got out to see John Carter (of Mars) and boy did I ever love it! If you haven't seen it yet, or haven't seen it because the trailers looked stupid, I encourage you to go. When I left the theater I immediately wanted a) a Tars Tarkas action figure b) to see the movie again and c) to draw! It fired up my imagination in a way that no movie has for quite a while (probably the last time I wanted to draw right after seeing a movie was when I saw the Incredibles).

I mean, I always want to draw...but I wanted to draw stuff from this movie. It's a way of having the movie continue outside of the theater.

I wish John Carter (of Mars) had done better in theaters so that we'd get a sequel.



Dean Trippe said...

AWESOME! The movie was so fun, and totally hooked me into Barsoom, I downloaded the first ebook and audio book as soon as I got home. I like the choices Stanton and Chabon made in simplifying and clarifying story elements for the film, but A Princess of Mars is super pulpy fun. Really wish Disney had kept "of Mars" in the dang title. Hoping to go see it again later this week. :)

Blair said...

Hmmm. I shall have to check it out. I was tempted, but put off by the reviews.

M. Proszowska said...

same for me. Trailer was like "wtf?" but movie "woooo!! that was better than Avatar!" I regained hope in Disney movies :)

j. said...

Dean - I'm looking forward to seeing your drawings of the Barsoomians and Captain Carter. I also have been listening to the audiobooks while I draw. And I'll be looking for the books at used bookstores (I've already got the Princess of Mars with a fantastic cover by Dave Cockrum from one of the Marvel comic books).

Blair - I'd heard only good reviews but that the movie itself was failing at the box office. Of course most of my friends are fellow nerds and we love a good space battle, scantily clad princess, and martians.

M. Proszowska - Oh, Avatar. I don't understand that movie's success. I thought it was preachy and terrible with really bad dialogue. John Carter was all that I'd hoped for and more. Except...there'll be no sequel. Unless Disney has an uncharacteristic change of heart.

Kenneth said...

J. - Thanks for the great review! I agree with you! I went to see it multiple times and it seemed to get better and better each time. There's a lot there to absorb!

Maybe the home video will do well enough for them to consider a sequel in 3-4 years; the 3D version has been in the Amazon Top 100 for not quite 30 total days now!

Thanks again for the review!