Saturday, October 14, 2006


I believe I will let this post run without much commentary from me. I could go on for hours about my love of Wonder Woman, how my focus is mostly on the memory of the Lynda Carter tv series and not at all any of the comic books (because I don't care much for how she's been done in comics). I could address the plumpness of my drawing and the heaviness of her bosom. I could say something about the odd little graphic thing beside her. But I won't do any of those things because it's dinner time and I'm hungry.



Michael Cho said...

I can't tell you how much I dig your Wonder Woman, J. I wish you were around in the 40's to have drawn the character first.

BTW, have you checked out Jamar Nicholas's
"BBWW:The Fat Wonder Woman Blog"?

j. said...

Thanks, Cho! But if I'd been around in the 40's I wouldn't be here today to do this drawing. Or if I did it would suffer from severe old man drawing. Either way it's a time paradox!

I've seen and loved the Fat Wonder Woman blog. I'm considering sending this over to Jamar but I almost want to do another with more action in it.


Anonymous said...

i'll comment on her nose, and how it immediately identifies her as a greek -- sly, my hero j., very sly.


Urban Barbarian said...

Great blog! I especially dig that Alpha Flight one below!

j. said...

Mo - That's why I do things like that in my drawings...because there are clever people out there who appreciate the details. xo

Urban - Thanks big guy! That Alpha is one of my own favourites.


Jon McNally said...

Fun! The "odd little graphic thing beside her" I read as a computer bank in the Hall of Justice.

j. said...

Uloo - Funny! That's exactly what I thought of as I mucked around drawing it with the lasso too. She's just finishing her shift on monitor duty and I believe Aquaman is up next!


K.B. said...

Fantastic. Apealing, sexy and fun. Would love to see a story with this design.