Thursday, October 19, 2006

Savage Sword of Wonder Woman!

Here's a slightly more serious take on last post's cartoony version of Wonder Woman! The costuming here is based on Diana's warrior garb from Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier! Before the book even came out there was much discussion about Wonder Woman's weight...which is (in a roundabout way, no pun intended) where my recent drawings are coming from. I like the thought of Wonder Woman as a husky gal. One who eats and drinks, has some meat on her bones and who loves a good fight!
And I much prefer the beefy gal as opposed to the skinny-minny she's become in recent issues of certain DC comics OR the muscled super-woman she is as drawn by certain artists. Actually I'm really enjoying the recent version of Wonder Woman as drawn by Terry and Rachel Dodson. They're sort of doing a Lynda Carter which is ALWAYS okay with me!

Ever yours,



Jamar said...

j -

Hey man, it's Norton's pal Jamar. I just stumbled across these WW's - they're awesome! Would you mind me putting them on my blog? I'm surprised you haven't seen this yet. . .

Thanks man. Let me know.

j. said...

Hey Jamar - I'd love to have my drawings up at your blog! Naturally I've heard of it and check back regularly. What I really wanted to do was a drawing of Wonder Woman that is more specifically for your blog...but until I get something new drawn I'd be tickled to see these two up there.


Jamar said...

Nice man!

I'll grab 'em and post them.

I'll take whatever you wanna give over.



Ramón k Pérez said...

great piece jay! i love the subtle expression in her face...
that and her sexy booty :)

K.B. said...

I agree. An amazon shoud have some meat on her bones. Great work.

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I like the sword, I don't know Wonder Woman never used it, because inclusive she looks ruder and more dangerous.