Tuesday, October 31, 2006


First of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! Halloween is actually my favourite out of all the holidays. I love all the monster movies on TV, giving out candy, and especially costumes. I love the dress up!

All of my Halloween loving does nothing to explain todays post. Why am I putting up a picture of Aquaman? Sure, his costume is the colour of a pumpkin but is that any good reason? I say it is. So, in light of the fact that I don't have any other suitable Halloween images I give you Aquaman on monitor duty in glorious orange and green!! Also, here is a picture of my dog and his new favourite chew toy. :)
p.s. Incidentally, I switched my blog to the new beta set up. What that means for bookmarks and such I don't know...we'll find out soon enough.


Jake said...

I love pictures of normally majestic heroes looking like slobs or enjoying the little things in life like a Big Gulp and a foot massager.

Hart1000 said...

LOL!!! Aquaman's soaking his feet! LOL!!!

Nice one JB!


Drazen said...

Happy day after Halloween J!
love that Aquaman

j. said...

Jake - Actually, Jake, Aquaman is enjoying a "Big GLUG"! Copyright laws and all that...

Hart - Thanks. It makes sense, doesn't it? Monitor duty is probably longer than an hour and Aquaman would have to stay hydrated somehow.

Drazen - Happy Day After Halloween to you too! Thanks!

Did everyone dress up this year? I was a Hobo!


Drazen said...

Buddy can you spare a dime,
I posted my a pic on my blog
ALison looked good,

Jake said...

I was Sandman (from Sandman Mystery Theatre, not the Spidey villain or the Neil Gaiman one). Of course no one knew who that was and it's hard to explain little known comic characters through an authentic gas mask (since it's sealed and air is what we project from our mouths to speak), so I just started telling people I was from the Department of Homeland Security.

I should have pictures up on the blog later tonight. Our camera broke, so I had to borrow my parents'. Unfortunately, when I went to download the pics last night, I realized I'd forgotten to borrow the cable to attach it to the computer.

I will tell you my daughter thought up her own costume this year and stuck to her guns no matter how much her mother tried to talk her into being something else, and she was by far the most original costume at her school (where there were five Supermans and about a dozen princesses, fairies, or fairy princesses) or walking up and down the block trick or treating.

She was a gumball machine.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one!

j. said...

Jake - A gumball machine is awesome! There were far too many princesses this year. At one point we had five princesses from two different families. That's just too much boring!

Dominic - Thanks, guy!


K.B. said...

I love this Aquaman. I saw it on The Drawing Board and it's my new screen saver.AQAMAN FOREVER !!