Saturday, September 16, 2006

Baby Face!

I love Harvey comics especially Hot Stuff the Little Devil and Spooky (Casper's tough cousin...he's the ghost what wears a 'doiby'). Those cute little characters were on my mind as I was working on this drawing...which is why it a)Looks kinda like a comic book cover and 2) has that silly little clown above the price. I figured I couldn't and shouldn't just draw the Harvey clown which was on the covers of Spooky and Hot Stuff so I created this little guy. He's got a hobo beard and hat which started as a derby and ended up more like a sombrero with a pom-pom.

Noah is about 8 months old by now and is the son of a friend visiting from New Zealand. She'd asked me to draw a picture of him. Which I would have done anyway because he's a funny little guy with a giant head of hair. But I was torn...did Noah's mom want a portrait (traditional shading on textured paper)?

I don't really do "portrait" art so I figured comic book inking was the way to go. I think she liked it.



Jake said...

Sniff... hows come you never draw cute pictures like that of me?

Brian Evinou said...

Hi Mr. Bone, Im organizing a 24 hour comic challenge at the hairy Tarantula for Oct 7th. Ive been contacting a number of comic pros in the city to see if they would be interested in taking part. We would love to have you at the store taking part. Anyways I would go into mor detail for you about the challenge but I feel bad taking all this space on your bogspot. If you interested please get back to me at or if you know any other cartonnists who might be interested please let me know. The website for the 24 hour comic challenge can be found at
Thanks, for the record I love you work and think you made the right choice on the inks, looks super.

K.B. said...

I am a big Harvey comics fan as well. Very apealing stuff. Those comics Don't get the focus and appreciation they should.