Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonder Woman ReBoot!

Perhaps some of you know that Wonder Woman recently got a reboot...and a new costume. I suppose I'm fine with reboots. These things sometimes have to happen to bring a character up to date, refresh a dying franchise, tie in with a movie, or simply because creators don't know what else to do with the character (which is not entirely a bad thing).
Sometimes the new take on a character comes with a new costume (or sidekick, car, gender...) In this case Wonder Woman was given new duds by comic book Superstar Jim Lee. Now, I haven't read the Adventures of Wonder Woman since the Dodsons's run on the book so I can't say much about how this makeover came about -- but anyone who reads my blog semi-regularly knows that I have a special fondness for the Amazon Princess.

When the change was announced and image released I grumped a little, sure. But then I sat down and put ink to paper and came up with a few little re-designs myself. This would be they:
First up is a re-design of an old design I did based on Tura Satana's wicked outfit in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! It's also more than a little like Donna Troy's costume from the Teen Titans run by George Perez. I wonder if he was watching a Russ Meyer movie when he designed it.
The second is what I call the Evel Knievel! I imagine it's a total leather bodysuit with new lightweight Plastex™ gauntlets. Superman and Batman both have a cape and I think it's high time ol' WW had one too!
Third in the series is basically the Darwyn Cooke Amazon Warrior design from The New Frontier! When I drew the knee-guards I thought of Thor -- which led to design #4. This is Amazon Warrior by way of Norse God(dess). The boots need some work still but otherwise I think this one is my favourite. If I were to draw a comic book with the new adventures of the NEW Wonder Woman I'd probably go with this costume.
Ask me tomorrow and it'll be something completely different :)
#5 is basically a black version of #1. It's how I initially planned to color the costume but went white (Virginal) because Wonder Woman just doesn't seem like the type of hero made cooler by putting her in black. But that's just me. I also wouldn't put her in the Black Canary's jacket but that's also just me. :)



Dean Trippe said...

these are excellent! :D

Rob Barrett said...

They are indeed wonderful. If only there was an all-ages Wonder Woman book with you on art . . .

James Figueiredo said...


I love the Troy-ish designs, but the Darwyn Cooke inspired one is my favourite, followed closely by Norse WW.

IF ONLY DC had turned to other artists when they thought of redesigning WW...

J. (another one)

Aman Chaudhary said...

These are wonderful!

Jason Chalker said...

Awesome. No disrespect to Mr. Lee, but I like yours much better. Especially the Tura Satana.

JM Campbell said...

I would take your white design. Make the top red. The pants blue with white stars down the leg and go with either red or black boots. That's what I immediately thought of when I saw the Jim Lee Design, which I don't like. Of course it's also close to wonder girl's current costume. They're basically stripping off the "diplomat" aspect of her character.

SCARCEXL said...

If think I would for a mix beetween your 3rd and 4th design: the 3rd amazon look, but whithout the sword and shield (I hate weapons on comics character). It has a really amazon look. People need to be remind that she is actually an amazon.
I am the only one to find your white and black design really too closed to Wonder Girl costume?
I really love your star design pattern on the end of the cape.
And those boots on design n°4 are simply amazing!

j. said...

Dean - Thanks, man.

Rob - If only, indeed.

James F - Another "if only..." :)

Aman - Thanks!

Jason C - Much appreciated. I, too, mean no disrespect to Mr. Lee. In a perfect world there's room for many interpretations of a character.

JM Campbell - I'll definitely try out that color combo. Thanks.

Xavier - I was thinking as I drew these (and completely forgot to include her magic lasso at all...*sigh*) that I'd not only give Wonder Woman a sword but let her use it! A lot! Especially in this new storyline where she doesn't know who she is (amnesia? or is actually "new" to the world, I dunno?)
I agree with you -- the black and white are very much Donna Troy's costume, with very minor changes. I'd originally cut the neckline more like Tura Satana's but that doesn't really fit with Wonder Woman's style. :)


Justin Rodrigues said...

Great costume designs! i love the variation here.

Ian Explosivo said...

The new site colours look great too. :P

j. said...

Justin - Thanks. I tried to consider a few different aspects of Wonder Woman.

Ian Explosivo - Cool! I was toying with the Blogger template and this one just seemed a perfect fit!


Anonymous said...

I like #4, but with #3's footwear. I can't for the life of me fathom why men think women could/would chase down a criminal on foot in high-heeled boots. (And please don't get me started on how huge some artists make the boobies- like you could run with 42DD's banging you in the face. NOT A SEXY IMAGE, imo.

Andi Rivani Rahmadhani said...


Paul Conrad said...

Hey J! Love this stuff...but want to see new super-art from you! Hope all is well in your world,


j. said...

Anonymous - Fair enough. I've seen women in four inch heels turn cartwheels and dance all night but that's not the same as running across rooftops, is it. Comic books are, to me, Fantasy. Anything is possible. Including flying, alien invasions and female superheroes chasing criminals on foot in high-heeled boots. :)

Generic Viagra - Thanks...I think. Are you a Spam-Bot?

Andi - Is it at least a fun image? I'll settle for fun.

Paul - Thanks, super-guy! I'm working on some Super stuff right now! To be revealed...


Boyblue's DC Universe said...

Wonderful redesigns - I love them!!!

Mens Briefs said...

Love it! She's been needing a reboot for awhile now.

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