Monday, May 31, 2010

Comics are for KIDS!

If you're not reading TINY TITANS by Art Baltazar and Franco, then you should be! It's FUN!

I had a dream that Jonah Hex was in the Tiny Titans. He kept saying "Aw, Hex Yeah!". The Titans' catchphrase is "Aw, Yeah Titans!" Sayin'g "Hex Yeah" is kinda like swearing. Sorta...



Anonymous said...

Ha! This is a way cool Illustration!


I got the Alison Dare books! Great work. Your lines are as tight as ever. Good visual storytelling too!

James M

James Figueiredo said...

How awesome is it that you've managed to make freaking JONAH HEX look cute, man?! ;)

Another EPIC WIN!

J. (another one)

SCARCEXL said...

Read the first 12 ones, you're right, it's great! And Legion of Super-heroe sin 31st century and Shazam were great too. At one point, I was buying more Johnny Dc titles than from the DC universe line!
Theu should switch from Tiny Titans to tiny JLa, or tiny Legion for a change, that would be great!

j. said...

James M. - Thanks, man. I'm glad Alison Dare is back in print. That stuff is where I learned a ton about storytelling!

James F. - Cool! Baltazar and Franco created a foolproof template for cute. How could Hex be anything other than :)

Xavier - What? No Super Friends? Take thy beak from out my heart.

Just kidding. Shazam is a favorite of mine as well. Especially now that the amazing Mike Norton is drawing it!

I should pitch them a spin-off -- Tiny JLA! It'll just be the Super Friends only smaller!


Doug said...

Aw Hex Yeah!

My kids love throwing things in the sentence of "Aw yeah _____!" They'll have fun with this one.

chrishaley said...

Another comic I'd love to buy if you were drawing it.

Great take on Li'l Hex.

j. said...

Doug - I think I'm going to start doing the same! "Aw yeah pizza!"

Chris - Thanks, man. If those Tiny Titans guys weren't so darned good at their job I'd love to draw an issue or two of the Titans.


chrishaley said...

Are you doing any cons in the states this year? I'd love to give you a copy of our book if we're going to be at any of the same shows.

j. said...

Hey Chris,
I'm possibly doing Atlanta (I think). Cooke is insisting I join him at one of the cons this year :)

I'd like to do the New York show in October but I think there's a show I'm also doing in Calgary that same week. Would love to see your book, though.


Anonymous said...

Tiny Titans has a pin-up or an activity page in every issue, so maybe there's room for a guest artist?

No problem with Jr. Jonah, he doesn't have a PG-13 name like Deathstroke (only ever called Principal Slade in TT) or Bombshell (only ever called Shelly).

Eric Wight said...

Love it! Hex yeah, indeed!!

James said...

This is even better than the Tiny Titans... but then again, I say that being a huge Hex fan! So I might be biased!

Eyz said...

Looks awesome, great art :D

Hex would rock Tiny Titans, aw yeah!!