Monday, March 03, 2008

Wonder Woman Wednesday!

This wednesday (I believe) marks the release of the one shot special Justice League: The New Frontier! In it you'll find many wonderous things to behold including artwork from the animated movie, a new Batman/Superman story by Darwyn Cooke, a Robin story by Dave Bullock inked by Mike Cho and a Wonder Woman story by ME! This is my take on Darwyn's New Frontier Wonder Woman in a terrific story written by Darwyn. I've been wanting to draw Wonder Woman for print ever since I started working in comics and I'm thrilled to finally have it happen. Even more so because I got to work with Cooke! And because Cooke loaded the story with pin-up girls! What more could a guy ask for in a story?!?

This is the cover so you'll know what to look for! Please check it out! I really don't think you'll be disappointed (but then I am terribly biased about this sort of thing :)


Jon McNally said...

Looks terrific, J. The title design's very cute. Am I correct to assume that's you, too?

Dominic Bugatto said...

Can't wait to pick up my copy. Your teaser page kicks!

j. said...

Jon - Thanks. Good eye, there. The titles are indeed me with helpful art direction from Darwyn.

Dominic - Thanks Dom. Hope you like the book. There's some Paul Rivoche design work in the back! Gorgeous stuff.


DT said...

Hey J.

Can't wait for the DC: NF Special to come out! Oh wow, I didn't know that there were going to be bonus stories including one from you on art! Bonus!

Incidentally, I just had to listen to Darwyn's commentary on the DVD. Excellent job on Carol Fenris! She looks terrific!

Paul Conrad said...

Looks great J. I'll be pickin one up for sure!

Greg said...

Picked the one-shot up today and absolutely loved it!

James Figueiredo said...

Oh my god, so you're THAT J. !!

Hi, I've been following both your blogs for a while now, and I love your artwork - But I never thought you were the J. BOne from Darwyn Cooke's Spirit series!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that book, man!

And I just read the New Frontier special, great work all around! I'm a big WW fan myself, and I love your take on her.

J. (another one)

rory said...

Picked this up yesterday, great stuff, you NEED to do a series. WW Adventures, Tales of WW, something!

j. said...

dt - I think it was great of Darwyn to open up his New Frontier universe to some of us kids :) Glad you dug Carol!

Paul - Hope you like it!

Greg - Glad you loved it! :)

James - Thanks, man. My take on Wonder Woman is sort of a filtered version of Darwyn's I'm glad you liked her. I worried a little that she'd be too "big" for some.

Rory - Wouldn't I love to do a Wonder Woman series!! Yes, I would!


Pat Lewis said...

Just read the story. Loved the story. Trying to seek out more of your work. Keep it up!

Brian said...

What a fun story. Great job.

Ben said...

Fidgety Bruce and the Hefner guy gettin' klanged are my favourite parts. Man, she really smoked that guy!

jimmyraker said...

good comics indeed but i wonder... is wonder woman really topless ? i thought the costume covered the torso but apparently the costume stop under her boobs and the breastplate covered only her boobs... strange

Anonymous said...

I loved it.
I really wish DC had a regular anthology series where writers and artists could have fun short stories like this. Kind of like those Bizarro anthologies but w/out the tired Aquaman jokes. Ideally it would be people like yourself, Cooke, Allred, Jay Stephens, Cliff Chiang, and Kyle Baker.

Continuity is for nerds. I want fun.

-Alex P

chrishaley said...

SO wonderful!
Fantastic work, as ever.
The only thing that I didn't like about the book was that now that I've read it, I don't have it to look forward to anymore.
This should be an annual thing you guys do. And by "annual", I mean, monthly, because the comic world needs something this good as often as possible.

j. said...

Pat - Glad you liked it.

Brian - Thanks, man.

Ben - Thanks. I loved drawing a nervous Bruce. I figure Diana is probably the only person who's ever made him sweat. :)

Jimmmy - Caught! You're right...but for the burning bra gag we needed just the eagle and not the whole bustier. My thinking is she's at least more nude without the eagle breast plate and that's what the guys are ogling. *sigh*

Alex P - I'm totally with you, man. And not just for my own sake but to see other guys get a chance to tell "out of continuity" stories on a regular basis.

Chris - Thanks, man. Six pages a month is totally doable :) And I'm pretty sure Darwyn has a ton of New Frontier stories to tell...


Anonymous said...

so wondy is not really topless ? what a desapointement ? what a shame !!! so you are j bone the draughtman ? i'm not sure about this word... draughtman or draftman or penciller... sorry i dont speak and write very much : i'm french !!

it will have a next to this story in the issue 2 ? there was a female reporter in the bunny (?) i imagine tomorrow a report with wondy without her eagle emblem in the first page !! with an embarrassing wonder woman and the all justice leaguers laughing... poor wondy

Jon McNally said...

Alex P's suggestion makes me think of that recent DC artist showcase series, SOLO. I loved that mag and was sad to see it go.

j. said...

Anonymous - No need to apologize...happy to have you at my blog :) The female reporter was Gloria Steinem who is a famous feminist. She actually worked for a time as a Playboy Bunny in one of Hef's clubs. She was writing an expose article for a magazine. She created "Ms." magazine whose first issue depicted Wonder Woman as an icon for Women's lib.

Who knew you'd get a little history lesson in the comments section of a drawing blog?

Jon - Totally! People always say anthology books don't sell but they really are a great way to discover new talent you might not ordinarily be exposed to. I just got Images Popgun and have loved learning about artists I'd not seen before.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your answer... so it's a private joke in fact ? yes i bought the first jlnf and i await the second... i thing the new dvd movie and now new comis is great and changes completely of the originale serie.... by the way i'm jimmy but i lost my passeword ! good work for wondy and canary...

EL GRANDE said...

Amazing pages J. That New Frontier special was top notch. I didn't even know it was coming out, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Joe y Elio

Anonymous said...

hey i await the second page... happy easter, guys and girls !!