Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uhura's Hoops!

Yet another drawing based on that very same incredibly awesome night of Classic Star Trek themery from Dr.Sketchy's Anti-Art School Blog! I love the stunning beauty who portrayed Uhura! I've been going through the blog trying to find other pictures of her and discover her name. Hopefully she's a regular so I'll get a chance to draw her at a future session.



Matt said...


joe ackerman said...

aw, yeah. she hot. oh, the picture's pretty gosh darn sweet, too, matey!

Unknown said...

This simply rocks. Thanks for sharing!

j. said...

Matt - Grrrr!

Joe - Thanks, Joe.

Lon - My pleasure!


James Figueiredo said...

LoveloveLOVE the expression on her face!
Also, beautiful use of the light colors, man.


Paul Conrad said...

Great job J.! Very nice line work.
Man, what have you been up to? Any creator owned books in the works?!



Anonymous said...

Ha ha, before I even clicked the link I knew who the Uhura girl would be. She's a burlesque dancer who goes by Coco Framboise", and if you think she's gorgeous as Uhura, you ain't seen nothin yet. Plus she's smart and funny.

Greg said...

Beautiful J.

j. said...

James - Thanks, man. Credit for the face is due to the loveliness of the model. I just had to catch it with the right lines :)

Paul - Creator owned stuff? As a matter of fact...nope. :) I've always got a few things on the go which I'm really trying to focus on finishing this year. Jett Vector being one and a jungle adventure story. I'm currently drawing stuff for DC which I'll talk about more later.

Anon - Thanks, Stamp! Yer gorgeous!! Is Coco married? I would totally marry her!

Greg - Thanks, G.

Paul Conrad said...

Dang, now ya got me all intrigued. :)

Anonymous said...

Love all your work!'


grapestain said...

I met her in a fabric store a couple of months ago. She is super hot and very nice. She gave me her card and told me about burleque classes she gives. Anyone want to take burlesque classes with me?

Scott Mullowney said...

What program do you use to color your illustrations? They look amazing.

Katherine Piro said...
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Katherine Piro said...

Coco is a regular model at Dr Sketchy's, and one of my favorites.
she's going to love that drawing. it's adorable!

Justin said...

This is gorgeous! Loving your work J!