Monday, March 09, 2009

Marta! Dancing Girl Divine!

I recently learned about a fun life drawing program taking place at the Cameron House, here in Toronto. It's called Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. The models for the sessions are costumed, themed or otherwise not your typical life drawing models. Star Trek was the theme for a recent "class" and I'm very pissed that I missed it. Check the link to the blog to see some fantastic photos of the event. The girl dressed as Uhura is gorgeous! I love the photo of her with the knife between her teeth. What a great pose!

On the subject of Grammar: in reading Dr. Sketchy's event title I question the placement of the word "anti". Is Dr. Sketchy against Art itself or just Art-School. If it's the latter wouldn't they be better called "Anti-School Art Class" or some variation of the same. Not that I'm an expert on language...I just read the name as Anti-Art, which is not what I think they mean.

Either way, I'm glad they didn't call the sessions "Anti-Life Drawing School". I've never enjoyed drawing the dead nor wish to die in a life drawing class.



Jon McNally said...

I think Anti-Life Drawing is what they teach on Apokolips.

These are nicely presented, J. Flat background colors always work for me. Also, I'm really taken the hands in the lower image. said...

Mr J. Excellent! Love that idea! I'm going to make sure my school does a bit of that every now and then - really exciting! Can I ask please, how do you get the textures in the slave-girl's skin? Do you do it in Photoshop? I've been trying for ages and can't get it right!
Much appreciated - love the work!

j. said...

Jon - Anti-Life Drawing on Apokolips...that's exactly what I was thinking. Ha ha! Imagine getting Desaad for your model? Ugh! Even Granny Goodness would be an improvement.

Kel - I only remember a few occasions that our life drawing teacher posed the model semi-attired. I think it'd be good to have a clothed life drawing session mixed in with the regular nude course. So many new artists have trouble with the clothed figure...myself included.

I get the skin texture by using the "Pastel Medium Tip" brush in Photoshop. I don't have any fancy tablets or tools...just throw in a few shapes with my mouse and call it a day :)

Let me know how it works out for you. There are actually quite a few dry brushes that I've tried in the past but I really just default to the Pastel for simplicity's sake.


Jon McNally said...

Hey, J, a follow-up question for you regarding your own use of textures: At what dimensions or at what resolution are you applying texture?

j. said...

Jon - Hmm...good question. I usually scan my line art at 600dpi and since most of my pin-up stuff is 9"x12" I don't reduce it at all. Then I just increase the size of the brush to the right texture size. Too big and it's blurry, too small and it's too small. No magic numbers or anything.

Sorry, that's all sort of vague. Hope it helps, though.


Andrew Murray said...

Hey J,

Bitchin', I really dig these sketches!

Aman Chaudhary said...

Orion Slave Girls are teh awesome!!! :)

Brian said...

Looks like a blast.

Might just have to step away from the keyboard and pick up the pencil again.

Unknown said...

Each one of your three blogs are wonderfull! but this one is the best, congratulations!

Jo said...

hot sketch keep them coming