Monday, January 26, 2009

ICE to Meet You!

Ah, the joys of ice fishing! What kid doesn't love throwing on eight layers of clothing, itchy thermal underwear, three mittens per hand, scarf, tuque and snowpants and following his father out onto the frozen lake for a ten hours of chopping through ice and waiting for the fish to bite. I know I used to LOVE it! Freezing! Running out of hot chocolate by noon! Peeing behind a snowbank and praying that your bits don't get frostbite! It was really my favourite childhood winter pastime.

The ice fisherman looks more than a little like my own father. It's not his fault I'm not built for the cold (actually, it sort of IS his fault genetically speaking :) My brother and sister didn't mind ice fishing at all.



Brian said...

The juxtaposition of their expressions and body language are great.

Unfortunately, we have another 8" to 12" on the way for wednesday, so I'll be looking a lot like the fisherman before too long.

j. said...

Brian - Thanks, man. Y'know, if you ended up looking like the bathing beauty in the cold I'd question your parents naming you "Brian"


My dad saw the drawing and commented that he "...doesn't remember having that much snot running down" his face but otherwise it's pretty accurate.

Keep warm,