Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just a simple Valentine card for you all! My mom taught me to give a Valentine to every kid in the class even if certain kids had cooties or were gross! I'm sure that none of you suffer from such debilitating afflictions so to you all I happily spread the Valentine love! :)


Kalle Malloy said...

Thanks J. This is a bit uncomfortable... I didn't get you anything. Eeesh. Next year.

Dan McDaid said...

Yer the best J. Happy V-Day!

Jon McNally said...

I happen to suffer from both the aforementioned afflictions, so I appreciate the pity Valentine. [sniffle]

chrishaley said...

That's awesome!

j. said...

Kalle - No worries, man. Easter's coming up. You can get me something then :)

Dan - Thanks, guy.

Jon - I can't help you with the being "gross" part but they do have ways of killing off cooties. Crossing your fingers and "shooting" the cooties off of you worked when I was in grade one. Also holding your breath so as to not breath in the cooties (though I don't know that helps when you're already infested).

Chris - Thanks. You're awesome!


chrishaley said...

Haha! Thank you. I'm going to quote you on that at some point!

Michael Cho said...

Great Valentines card, J. I love all the cards you make, but this one takes the cake -- I think its cause of the fine colour and line-drop out work you did on it. I tried sending you an email to thank you for the one you sent, but sadly it bounced back -- I always have trouble with emails to you!

Hope you and Mr. K had a good one!

Brian said...

Awww, what a cute card.

Anonymous said...

I know your work w/ Darwyn Cooke but had no idea about your children's work.
My 4 year old son & I recently picked up Alison Dare at the library. We've been reading it and he really enjoys it. He thinks that genie is pretty funny.

I just wanted to say 'thanks'. I hope you can find time to do more stuff like this.

-Alex P

j. said...

Cho - Thanks man. I don't get why your e-mails bounce back. My PC has never said anything about rejecting Mac e-mails.

Brian - Thanks!

Alex P - Many thanks for writing! Glad you and your son are enjoying Alison Dare. The one with the Genie was one of my favourites to work on.


Andrew Murray said...

Hey J,

I only discovered you this past summer at TCAF, I really admire your work and I recently bought the DC/WB animated version of The New Frontier. In it, Cooke's commentary gives you alot of praise for your chraracter designs you did. Anyways I just wanted to say that I'm a fan and I look foreward to your future stuff.

j. said...

Andrew - Welcome to my blog. Thanks for coming by. I'm looking forward to hearing Darwyn's commentary for sure...and I can tell you it was pretty thrilling to see my name in the credits at the recent screening in San Francisco. What a great project to be a part of.