Friday, February 08, 2008


Space girls are among my top favourite things to draw. If you had a time machine you could probably find something in my childhood that triggered my love of things outer spatial. Maybe it was seeing Barbarella on video at a young age. Or it could have been Star Wars, Battle Beyond the Stars or any one of the many B-grade Sci-Fi movies my dad would rent. More likely it's a mix of them all coupled with discovering my dad's Playboys (also at an early age :)

But if you had a time machine I can think of a lot more important things you could be doing besides spying on some poor kid discovering naked ladies and science fiction.

So, this is the last of the Horoscopes. Click on the tag at the bottom of this post to see them all one after the other. And now that they're all done I'll be making all of the images available as t-shirts. I'm inclined to use Cafepress just because I'm familiar with it but if anyone knows of a better online service please let me know.

p.s. Wow! I'd posted Gemini, checked the Horoscope tag to see the rest of the Gals and did a count. I was still one short. I can't believe I forgot to post Scorpio! She's one of my favourites. Tough biker chick, that she is!


Brian said...

Those retro space gals are a personal favorite as well, but I attribute it to my fascination with all things space related from growing up in the 1960's with Kennedy's New Frontier.

They are all great, but I agree that Scorpio kicks some serious booty.

Jon McNally said...

These two are among my favorites, J. There's something about the way either sits on her respective background, particularly that orange-blue combo in the Gemini image.

Paul Conrad said...

No Jon...they're MY two favorites! :)
Great stuff J!

j. said...

Brian - Thanks, man. Don't ya sometimes miss the simpler times...when kids idolized Astronauts and Firemen instead of pop stars and drunks? I know I do and I didn't even grow up in them times! :)

Jon - Cool! I struggled a little with those Gemini I'm glad they turned out right in the end.

Paul - fight! You guys gonna settle this with an old fashioned arm wrassle?

Thanks guys,

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are the BOYS??

j. said...

Anonymous - Boys? On the boys side of the playground, naturally.


Anonymous said...

how do we get to see the male versions of your horoscope series?? I bet they're hot.

Anonymous said...

I like that Gemini is a read head like me :-)

I found you by typing Gemini Blog to see how highly my website featured. It was number one thankfully!

I really like your art-work.