Thursday, February 28, 2008


American Gladiators ended a few weeks ago so forgive me for only now getting around to posting my cartoon version of the ladies. I feel absolutely no shame in confessing my love for this show! I'm looking forward to another season, a toy line, animated series, and Halloween costumes.

Incidentally Hellga is my favourite!



Danny said...

Crush works for me! :)
Incidentally, Stealth is the most useless of the Gladiatrix!

Andrew Murray said...

Hey J,

I love how each character has her own personality. I see alot of stuff today where most girl characters in a group formation often look as if the only difference is in their hair and lip colour. So awesome job on displaying a variety within those 6characters.

j. said...

dt - Yeah, Crush is my second favourite. She looks great with the laced up corset and severe haircut.

Andrew - Thanks, man. I tried for caricatures of the real girls as much as I could, while still trying to make them attractive.


Michael Cho said...

OMG! I cannot BELIEVE you drew a pic of the American Gladiators!!! I gotta say, I didn't dig the show at all, but damn, your drawing is HAWTT!!!

This makes me kinda want to see some animated series featuring these girls!

Love it!


THOSE ARE WONDERFUL....Great shapes!..