Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Roller Gal!

When I was a kid my hometown still had a drive-in A&W. I loved getting food served to us in the car! I don't know why that should be so awesome but it totally was. The girls who worked at the A&W weren't on roller skates but back in the 50's it was sped up service in the then new fast food industry. Check out the book CAR HOPS AND CURB SERVICE by Jim Heimann for some fun history, if you're interested in that sort of thing.
This is entry number three in the continuing theme. I badly want to pun on the phrase "working for scale" but can't really figure out what the phrase means...and if it only applies to actors.


Michael Cho said...

Geez! You are really on a ROLL with these, buddy. I'm digging each and every pinup girl you're posting.

Urban Barbarian said...

Great drawing and I really love the coloring!

j. said...

Thanks, guys.

M Cho - Dude, I gotta keep rolling or I'll lose the momentum and never finish. Incidentally I drew yours the other day and I think she turned out cool!

Urban Barbarian - Wouldja believe she originally wore a pink outfit? I played with CMYK sliders and liked the blue whole lots better!


Brent Schoonover said...

Gorgeous, please keep them coming. My hometown had an A&W stand till 1995, sadly the girls didn't wear roller skates or look as good as this.

Brent Schoonover

C.Edwards said...

Did you know that when the first McDonalds "restaurants" were opened they intentionally only hired young men because carhop girls attracted too many rowdy teenage boys?

...Just a little fast food trivia from me to you.

Paul Conrad said...

Another great one J.... & we had the A&W, with the carhops, the glass mugs the whole nine yards, in my home town as a kid....good times!

j. said...

Brent - '95? Holy socks. Sadly I'd heard that they were all done away with because of the increasing creepiness of people these days (harassment of waitresses, etc...) Ah, for the good ol' days.

klahd - That's exactly the kind of trivia I love! At least then the boys were just rowdy...nowadays they'd be all kidnappy and rapey!
Here's a fun trivia that I learned - waitresses preferred that you flash your lights rather than honking your horn when you need service. Too hard to tell who's honking in a busy carport.

Yancy - Yeah, the glass mugs. I'd forgotten. And I used to love root beer floats for dessert. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

They actually still have frosted mugs with root beer floats at the A&W restaurants...unfortunately, most A&W's are little food court places. I always wondered why the even served other soft drinks at A&W. Who goes there and orders a coke?

I was wondering, are you going to be selling prints of these? I'd totally be interested in having one posted in my room?

- Milo

j. said...

Milo - When I get the entire series done there will be some kind of merchandise, for sure. Ideally there'll be t-shirts...and other printables that CafePress offers.

I'll let everyone know when I get it all put together!


Anonymous said...

These last two are just so crazy grgeous I'l losing my vowels...
Great stuff J!