Thursday, January 25, 2007

Norse Goddess! Or Vi-Queen!

Boy oh boy, this one was tough. I drew a male version of this one first and wanted to use the same stalwart pose for the lady. But how to make a female warrior advancing with her hefty hammer into a sexy pin-up. Forgo the sexy, really. So I focused on making her a bosomy barbarian with shapely gams and sporting just a smidge of lipstick. She kinds reminds me of Sorsha from Willow! Maybe it's the snow.
p.s. I love coincidence and in an example of sheer coincidence I was about to hit "Publish" this post when I heard on the radio an ad for a Dodge RAM! Zowie! I'd better hit post while the stars are still aligned!


Anonymous said...

Dude, "Sorsha" from Willow!!! That is exactly what I thought. Personally, I thought Sorsha was sexy, but only after Val Kilmar got hit with the pixie love powder and she started returning his advances. Then her heart of gold shone through and she became loveable.

Michael Cho said...

Another awesome illo, buddy. And think she still looks sexy. Strong and confident women are always sexy in my book. Especially if they can pummel you with a hammer like that!

Keep on rolling!

Brent Schoonover said...

Awesome job, very cool! I'd love to see the original male drawing posted next to it and see the differences.

Brent Schoonover

Paul Conrad said...

Another zinger Mister J!
"Wonder" how she'd fare vs. your savage amazon? :)

Anonymous said...

Love it as always but I have to say it looks a bit like she raided her father's closet (excluding breast cups ofcourse). Ladies of this genre usually don't sport jumbo ram helmets. Even Valkyries (assuming this is one) wear dainty elaborate headpieces made from dead birds and shiny metals. Warrior princesses in classic fantasy lit, though always dressed as Dutch whores, never cover their faces. It gives them that edge in battle you see.

Perhaps she's just sticking to the worn out pastiche of ladies pretending to be men just to get on the battle field because some over-bearing male architype feels women are to weak to fight. Is that it J?


j. said...

Milo - And she stopped wearing her helmet as much so that her hair could get all wavy and sexy!

Mike - Thanks, man. She will pummel.

Brent - Thanks, dude. There are male counterparts to each of these so eventually I'll post a side by side, I think.

Yancy St. - I would have to put my money on the Amazon! Unless I knew that Sorsha the Viking had a mother with a penchant for witchcraft (and baby stealing).

Anonymous (Nico) - The ram helmet is essential to the theme but you're right in that I could have softened it with some feathers or more delicate face gear.
And as for "worn out pastiches" if it's good enough for Tolkien...


best, guys. And thanks again.

Urban Barbarian said...

Great volume and mass! This really works!

Dominic Bugatto said...

works for me.

Jay D Smith said...