Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rodeo Gal!

She's an old cow hand from the Rio Grande! Next in line, still continuing last post's theme. This little filly is practical, reliable, patient and affectionate. But she's also a little bit lazy and when pushed you'll find she's one stubborn lass. Seriously jealous she'll lassoe your a** if she catches you making time with another gal!
I always love drawing cow-folk...ever since working on Mutant Texas: Tales of Sheriff Ida Red (written by Mr. Paul Dini). When I look through that book I still think it's some of my best drawing ever.



Paul Conrad said...

J. This is so good....geez louise, between these latest "themed" pieces, and your wonderwoman stuff....
You are on fire man. WHEN are you going to get your own book?

You're my hero.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Another gem. Nice one J.

j. said...

Yancy - Thanks, man. My own book? But no one wants to see cartoony comics! That's for kids!
Seriously, I have got my own stuff on the go...I just have to get my a** in gear and turn out some finished pages.

Dominic - Gracias, amigo.


Unknown said...

J! You're mixing it up a little over here, eh? Sneaky. Love the little hint you've made of her hat! I have to ask . . . will there be a *double* complete set once you're through?

Marcelo Di Chiara said...

Beautiful drawing, J. Every line is in the right place..and the colors are great too.


Skullossus said...

Is she lassoing herself because she knows I'd be no good at catching her otherwise? Or is it one of those rodeo shows where the lasso is up and over and around and down like X Game tricks? Either way it's a totally great drawing! She's friednly but sassy.

j. said...

Nickel - You caught the hat hint! Awesome. There is definitely a double set being made! All the better to sell more t-shirts (eventually).

Marcelo - Thanks! I worried there was too much brown but I think it balanced out all right in the end.

King of Hearts - Totally a rodeo show kind of lassoing. She's jumping in and out of the loop before the bull riding event. Thanks.

best to all.