Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Gambler!

Leaping straight from the pages of Owl magazine comes this trio of tireless do-gooders! The Owl! Jill Frost (aka The Frigid Heiress)! and Splat!

See them conquer juvenile delinquency with but a roll of the dice! Hold onto your hat as you are taken on an adventure in which the very history of the comic book universe hangs in the balance! Seek out, if you dare, the special Comic Book issue of Owl Magazine available at your local Canadian book retailer!

It's the March issue in case you were wondering!

p.s. The image depicted here does not represent the actual cover of the March issue of Owl nor is the Owl's costume coloured correctly for reasons of my own!


Michael Cho said...

very nice. Do you have names for them all or can we name them ourselves? My names: the Green Owl, Ice Queen and the Purple Pile aka: the High Rollers!

Nice hi-lights on the dice...

j. said...

I named them Jill Frost (the Frigid Heiress), The Owl and the purple guy is Splat...although I really like the Purple Pile. It has a nice hemmorhoid ring to it! ;)

I'll publish the comic through Bayard's religious division and call them the Holy Rollers!


Michael Cho said...

Ok, ok, so I can't read...I guess that's why I read comics!

At any rate, your names are waaay better...

Holy Rollers Assemble!

rebound said...

looks awesome! nice colours!

j. said...

Thanks Reboundicon. I like the CG stuff on your site.