Sunday, February 26, 2006

You Are Under My Spell!

Yesss...yesss! You will buy the March issue of Owl will take it home and read the will play the awesome board game with a friend or family will not cry if you lose the will not gloat if you win...if you have time you will write a letter to Owl magazine praising the awesomeness of the board will suggest they create stories about the very cool Owl Man character and his amazing friends, Ms. Frost and Splat!...that is the count of 5 you will awake and remember nothing except how awesome the artwork is in the March Issue of Owl magazine!


Okay, now that you're awake, I should explain who these characters are...that's Brian as a Dr.Strange occult-type hyp-motizing you...and then there's me as an almost invisible grey ghost-type. Brian wrote the fun board game in the March Issue of Owl magazine and I drew it. There's also some terrific artwork by Michael Cho and Claude Bordeleau! Check it all out!

your pal,



Michael Cho said...

yes...I am under your spell...

Awesome drawings -- especially the doctor brian!

Steve Daye said...

Who! Who!

Unknown said...

V awesome super hero illos!

j. said...

Thanks, my friends.

Steve - how are things in L.A.?


Steve Daye said...

Things are very good Mr.Bone! Just wish I wasn't so busy!