Friday, January 13, 2006


Okay, so this isn't a drawing by me but I just had to share my BarbaDisplay. There's a great store in town that sells ceramic BarbaPapa's (or maybe they're made of resin, I don't exactly know). Whatever they're made of they are the cutest things in the world!

Here they sit on my little wall display, along with a musical dog from Butterfield 8, and a picture my Aunt Stephanie took. Yes, the wall behind is purple! My studio is painted like the Hulk! You just can't see the green walls in this picture but they're there.

My absolute to die for favourite is BarbaLib reading her little book. You'd think I'd love the artist guy but, no, it's the little bookworm who holds that special place in my heart! And how cute is BarbaLala with her little BarbaPapa doll?



Ramón k Pérez said...

brilliant! i've been eyeing those barba papas myself - a big part of me wants to bby the oversized ones! craaazy.


j. said...

Oh yeah, there's the big Barbapapa light and the lawn ornaments. I think it's the yellow guy as a wheelbarrow and the blue guy holding him.

My BarbaMama came with packaging showing other BarbaPapa stuff you can get including floor mats. How awsome would it be to have the whole BarbaPapa family on your bathroom floor!

I'm getting BarbaExcited!


SteveLambe said...

Oh my god!! Talk about a childhood flashback. I had all these when I was a kid. Man...good times. I remember the show fondly.

Thanks for the jaunt down memory lance, J.