Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wonder Tot!

Spring is sprung,
The Grass is rizz,
Do you know who my
favourite Super Tot is?

Of course Wonder Tot would be my favourite of all the Super Tots. I did this just for fun when sketching the other day. I recently got the Hot Stuff The Little Devil Collection from Dark Horse so I've been doodling Harvey proportioned characters lately. I've given you the link to the Dark Horse site and encourage fans of Hot Stuff to check out some of the other stuff they've got. I love the mini-statue of Hot Stuff Giggling That's just about the most adorable thing I've seen in a while. Too bad it's sold out! Rats!

Hope you're all enjoying this lovely Spring weather we've been having...those of you who live in a country, state, or province which is currently experiencing Spring, that is!



Anonymous said...

Okay, as much as I like your WW, I like your Wonder Tot even more. Very cute.


Anonymous said...

I like the way she seems to be trying to decide whether to do something superheroic or just skip some more

James Figueiredo said...

She looks simply adorable!
Love the way you designed her costume, and the colors are beautiful, man.

J. (another one)

j. said...

Anonymous - Thanks, Shannon. I like her too.

John - She does have a forward lean, doesn't she? I noticed that in the sketch but opted not to straighten her out for the inks. Glad I didn't.

James - Thanks. I kinda think Wonder Woman should expand on her wardrobe a little. Different outfits for different occasions and all that. It'd be fun.


Ben said...

Always glad to discover another Hot Stuff fan, I don't think he gets enough credit. And now I think you should draw Etrigan in this style. Just a thought . . .

chrishaley said...

I know I'm just repeating what's already been said, but that is adorable.
Those Harvey books have been a lot of fun so far.

GaryGepetto said...

Loving the Harvey influence with this take on WW! I for some reason never tire of cartoonized version of WW.

Hope you're doing well.

j. said...

Ben - Etrigan in Hot Stuff style would be great. He'd be great in a Hot Stuff, Little Hellboy team-up.

Chris - I love that a comic book about a little devil boy used to be made for kids. It's all sweetness and cute but it's still a DEVIL!! Spooky was my other favourite Harvey character.

Gary - Neither do I ever tire of cartooning Wonder Woman. There are so many ways to draw her!
Doing well here. Hope you're also doing well :)


chrishaley said...

"Etrigan in Hot Stuff style would be great. He'd be great in a Hot Stuff, Little Hellboy team-up."

Yes! See, now you have to get on the phone and get that ball rolling.

Ben said...

The title could be "Diapered Devils!"

Estudiocomik said...

This picture is great, I love Wonder Woman!