Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Girls of an Unliving Persuasion!

At first I titled this post "Dead Girls" because of the common theme...but that just seemed so morbid! It's Spring after all. A time of rebirth and renewal.
These are both images I came across while looking through old files. I can't even recall what year they were drawn. The top image was a pin-up for Eric Wight's graphic novel "My Dead Girlfriend". I love the look and style of Eric's artwork on that book. If you haven't seen it I recommend hunting down a copy and checking it out.
This image was drawn for Peter Milligan after he he fell or somehow injured himself. I was inking Mike Allred on the X-Statix at the time...either that or I was inking Darwyn on the Wolverine/Doop story that we did together. That's Dead Girl under the umbrella with Tike and Myles playing frisbee in the background. The little kid is kind of a Dennis the Menace type...I even swiped Ketcham's swirly knees and button nose sported by Dennis and his friends.
I always love drawing beach scenes.


Anonymous said...

It might just be me talking here but the top drawing has that feeling that it could be so many relationships (including some where both partners are alive, but with that distance between them, keeping them in different words... but still that tender link keeping them together).

Dan said...

Really loving the Deadgirl piece dude. Fantastic stuff as usual. Keep 'em coming.

j. said...

John - I like your read on the drawing and on relationships. Very interesting.

Crylic - Thanks, man. Some nice girlies on your sketch blog there. I like your style.


Ben said...

Any previously unseen X-Statix art is a super treat for me, so AWESOME! Also, I really love the see-through effect on Ms. Ghosty up there. Meant to look at that book and forgot. I'm sure we have it around the shop. Thanks for the reminder!

Brian said...

I really enjoyed "My Dead Girlfriend" and your illustration really captures the "spirit" of that book.

j. said...

Ben - Cool man. Part of me still wishes the X-Statix was still around...but then I'm always glad when a series comes in, rocks, and then bows out before it gets stale.

Brian - Thanks, Brian. I loved Wight's art style and couldn't help but try to mimic it.


Jon McNally said...

Hey, I think I remember that Dead Girl drawing ... from the DB, maybe?

I'm with you on X-Statix, J. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Still, X-Statix does have a particular POW-ZING that's missing in my current reading list. Infinity Inc, for instance, has a fair amount of POW but it's missing some ZING, I think.