Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reel 'Em In!

When I posted the image for Cancer a buddy of mine mentioned he thought the gal would have freckles. She's a red head and he's right that she probably ought to have 'em. I had that in my brain when I drew Miss Pisces and yet I ended up colouring her as a brunette. She could easily have any colour of hair (God bless Photoshop) and as I come to end of the theme I really start to notice just how many brunettes I've drawn. You could very well guess the colour of my own hair by the appearance of my characters.
And speaking of appearance...it hasn't escaped me that there is a shocking lack of ethnic diversity in my Zodiacs. My day to day gig in illustration has taught me to be more wide ranging in my skin tone colour choices and I actually think it's important that I reflect diversity in my pin-up drawings. My plan is to go back over the drawings once I'm finished and create new heads for each image and recolour them. Photoshop makes that easy, too! :)
Peace out,


Skullossus said...

Nice composition! It's a challenge to make a fishy girl look sexy but maybe the hip waders will do it for the rubber fetishists. ;)

j. said...

King - Hopefully she looks a little bit sexy...? But I confess she looked better in my head. I wonder if I should have drawn the hip-waders in a man's size so they looked all cute and falling-offy would that have been sexy or just cute?

And if she shouldn't maybe be wearing cut offs just to show a little more skin!


Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Come now, boys, you know girls always look hot in a tight sweater and hair pulled back! I love it, j, she's an awesome Pisces and the fish is fin-tastic.

: ) ~C

Anonymous said...

Pisces is awesome! Honestly, I'm just happy to see the updates again!

smoky man said...

Just to let you know I love yr art. You are doing an amazing work on The Spirit series. Congrats!

From Italy,

j. said...

Frannie - Thanks. I was just thinking that I could and maybe should have put her in cute little 50's style shorts like what Katherine Hepburn used to wear.

Milo - Thanks, man. Nice to see you on free comic day. Hope you had a good day.

Smoky Man - Much appreciated. It's been great working with Cooke on the Spirit.


Aman Chaudhary said...

I love it. But I would vote for more skin! The 'guy' version on Man's Adventure has just enough midriff to make it a bit provocative.