Thursday, April 20, 2006


A few weeks back I was part of an art show at the Gladstone here in sunny Toronto. The theme was Comic Books but I didn't want to just put up a bunch of pages of comic, sirree! I ironed up a bunch of t-shirts using some of my most recent images. The picture to the right is how my wall space turned out. Quick to put up, quick to take down.

The second picture (thanks, Chris) is a close up of one of the shirts. I ended up selling five of the shirts which was really cool! Wonder Woman was bought up by the lovely Diana Tamblyn. Thanks, Diana.

In a week I'll be a guest of the Paradise Comic Con where I plan to have more shirts printed up for sale. The coolest thing? The shirt with the Owl (my own character) actually had a lot of fans and was most requested in larger sizes. Awesome!


SteveLambe said...

Awesome shirts, J! Any chance some these will be available through the net soon? I want ooooonneee.

Michael Cho said...

Awesome shirts, dude. I love my Spidey one soooo much.

BTW, any chance you'll actually do a Blue Falcon and Dynomutt drawing someday? THAT would be the awesomes!

Anonymous said...

Hey J.

I love my t-shirts (I always bought Bats). I get a lot of compliments when I wear them too - I think you'll do really well with them at the Paradise con! See you then.


j. said...

Hey Steve - I'm workin' on it. I actually ordered a shirt through CafePress but wasn't happy with the print quality. *sigh*

Mike - By no small coincidence I just found an old drawing of Blue Falcon that I'd been looking for...I have far too many file folders full of junk. I plan on "updating" it and making a shirt. Awesome!

Diana - My thanks again, to you! Looking forward to seeing you at the con.

Drazen said...

dude you have to save me an owl shirt if I don't see you

Drazen said...

Owl where it everywhere

j. said...

Totally, Draz! I'll have the shirts at the con but in case you don't make it down there will be one set aside! What size would you wear?

Also, you know how much I hate puns. Although yours is a real hoot!


Drazen said...

Yeah I doubt I can make it. Probably large or extra large..I've had too much bird seed lately

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! that owl design is too good. I can't look at it for very long or my eyes will pop out of my head and I'll be screaming " ahh my fuckin' eyes!!". I mean that as a compliment. Your stuff is awsome. I'm bookmarking your blog. Cheers!