Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Musical Interlude!

This little piece is for the children's text book company for whom I continue to do work. Man, I really like doing work for them. The spots are simple but they give me a chance to play around with characters in fun little situations.
I loosely based the girl on the old Rankin and Bass Pinocchio character from the tv series. This jpeg is the only one I could find online. It was a stop-motion animated show I used to watch as a kid. I loved it.

As often happens after I've done a drawing I start thinking that I "swiped" the characters from somewhere. So I did a little search through my computer files and there in my Steve Lambe folder was a cute little tyke with parted hair and pony tails. Darnit! Steve's art is far superior to my own and I often look through that folder when I want to be inspired. Which is how I ended up creating something so like his. For the final piece I'm gonna change things up a bit so I'm not embarassing myself by being a copycat!

Sorry Steve! Please don't sue...!!



Anonymous said...

gah! i just tried to post a comment but it disappeared!here goes attempt number 2:

she is totally getting into the groove -- this sketch is great because it really gives me the sense that with a few extra lines they might just climb out of that panel!

and since michael dedicated a sketch to you on his blog, i've decided to dedicate this sketch on your blog to me, your number one fan!


j. said...

Hi Mo!
Yes Blogger is sometimes dumb. I don't like how it doesn't always provide a link to an image...you can click on it all you want but it won't open up the bigger picture.

Consider the sketch dedicated, then! Keep in mind that there will be better sketches coming along and I may have to dedicate more to you! I hope you won't feel overdedicated if that happens!


Chris Wahl said...

Hi J!

You have some awesome work here on your blog.

I'll be stopping by once in a while, so keep posting!

Drazen said...

say nice photo

lets see some more chest hair tho!

SteveLambe said...

I want you to cease production of all artwork immediately, and I must confiscate all your super art skills now!

Ha! You give me waaaaay too much credit, J. I dig your pictograph muy much! She's really groovin out.

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of these kids illos,sir.