Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Raising Belle!

In late November 2005 Dark Horse releases another Jingle Belle adventure. This is the first page of my three page story, concocted by Paul (almost) especially for me! (We were gabbing on the phone when the story came to him.)

As you can maybe tell Santa and family are attending the annual White House tree lighting ceremony. I played around a little with Jing's standard outfit, with Paul's blessing. I think by this time she's well enough known that a simple costume change doesn't render her unrecognizable.

Also in the book is some terrific art by Jose Garibaldi and Stephanie Gladden.

Check this out for an incredible drawing by Stephanie (scroll down to the October 19th entry). Also on that page, Oct. 26th entry, is the drawing I did for Paul's wedding invite. He recently married the lovely and magical Misty!

I'm all out of adjectives. Peace out.


Unknown said...

Coool ilustration

SteveLambe said...

Ha ha...great illo, J.

I checked out that link. The red carpet wedding pic you did was awesome!!

I really dig it when you do those colored lines. It keeps the magic of the old school inks, but combines it with the new school technique.

How come you didnt post it up?

j. said...

Thanks Alina and Steve.
Why I didn't post the wedding invitation? I dunno. It's one of my favourite things I've done for Paul!

Hey, I think Jingle Belle comes out today! If it has I'll post the other two pages without dialogue.