Monday, October 01, 2012


 Hey everyone! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you might have heard that I'm part of a new anthology project called TRUE PATRIOT! Today our IndieGoGo campaign went live and we're offering up some wicked fun perks for donations. You can get copies of the book, postcards, desktop wallpapers and fancier stuff like a portfolio review with me!
Click any of the links above to find out about the project. And follow J.Torres at his blog and on Twitter (because he's masterminding this whole thing).
The Golden Owl is the character I'll be writing and drawing for the anthology. You may have seen him before in the pages of OWL magazine...I've given him a slight makeover for TRUE PATRIOT! He's gonna be kicking some Bigfoot butt!

Check out the IndieGoGo video. Feel free to comment any thoughts here or Tweet at any of the creators!


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