Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Retroactive Update!

It's a retroactive update because I like to update on Monday but it's really Tuesday so we'll just pretend it's Monday and not Tuesday.

So, this is another version of my Retroactive Wonder Woman cover drawn in my own style! I mostly liked how the original turned out -- but I really quite prefer drawing cartoony. Part of me thinks about how fun it would be to re-draw the entire script in my own way...but then I remember that I've got work to do and don't have time to draw the whole book again :)

Happy Back to School Day (for those of you with kids or who are kids or who are going to University/College, etc...)



LUD! said...

I thought you did a terrific job with the book-- not many people can do Sekowsky with ease...

And of course your usual style works with this as well!


Anonymous said...

i mostly prefer this one !! your more cartoony style just rocks ^^

SCARCEXL said...

Her eyes are way more beautiful like this! (I had some trouble with her eyes in your Retro Active gig :p)

Anonymous said...

Hi J,

So glad to see you posted this! I'm rather partial to your cartoony style as well. It was great to meet you in person at the Fan Expo.


Mark Lewis said...

I like your revisitation here a whole lot!

j. said...

Lud - Sekowsky was indeed tough to "get". I'm still not convinced I got him.

Nad@ - This one's my preference as well. Thanks!

Xavier Lance - You had trouble with the eyes? I had trouble with the eyes :)

James - Thanks, man. Nice to meet you as well.

Mark Lewis - Thank you. It keeps percolating in my brain that I should re-visit the entire issue in my own style. It might be a fun little project.