Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Challenge of the Super Friends!

Super Friends #24 marks my two year anniversary as cover artist on this most excellent book! I asked if I could draw the interiors for that reason. I also wanted to draw the guts because Sholly had, once again, written a super fun story. So many super villains, so many characters I'd never even heard of but wanted to draw. Along with the mad scientists I was drawing wolf-men, monster-men, some winged dog creatures (I can't find my script to look up what they're called...Zombgiza? Zombizi? Something like that), robots, sharks and a whole bunch of other fun stuff!

Over at Comic Book Resources the fine Jeffrey Renaud interviewed me about my work on the Super Friends. Click me!

On a semi-related note I've been watching YouTube videos of Superfriends cartoons past...the old Filmation series in particular. I only ever saw the Aquaman cartoons and had never seen the Flash or Hawkman episodes. Boy, are they ever dumb! :) In an enjoyable fashion, yes! I don't know who wrote that stuff but it is awesomely stupid! I love it!

Oh, and I've also been watching the Plastic Man cartoon on DVD! I loved that cartoon as a kid and still love it today. Again...writing ain't so great. But who cares. I love a cartoon with a laugh track. It's so perfectly absurd!



MPH said...


I really, really enjoy your interior work on the Super Friends title, so I'm extra excited to know that you'll be doing INTERIORS on #24 along with the always superb cover work you do.



cheeseslope said...

This is a great cover. I'm hoping to see more of your work on Albert Moy's site… soon?

Bob Lilly said...

Love your new cover. It has (as John K has been teaching us) hierarchical composition. The bad guys dominate the cover by occupying more than two thirds of the space. None of the heroes gets to completely enter the space. The white space around Lex Luthor makes his form "read" well.
Well planned.
Simple isn't easy.
Thanks for the post. Come visit.

j. said...

MPH - I'm excited too! :) Dunno if you picked up the recent issue, #21. The interior art by Stewart McKenny is fantastical! I may have to swipe the adorable way he draws mouths.

Cheeseslope - I've got a bunch of stuff I need to send in to Albert. Thanks for the reminder.

Bob Lilly - And thank you. I appreciate the analysis. I dug the comics on your site. Reminds me of old Mickey Mouse stories with a little bit of Popeye thrown in for good measure.


Tim DeMoor said...

That's such a fun cover! Even at age 27, I've really been enjoying these Super Friends comics (they remind me of all the Silver Age comics I grew up with). Can't wait to see your interior work for this issue!!

Ben said...

There's a lot I could say about this, but it basically amounts to "Oh boy!"

Sorcerer said...

that was something fantastic..

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