Monday, July 27, 2009

Batman: The Brave and the Bone!

Wahoo! This Wednesday the issue of Batman: Brave and the Bold drawn by me (and written by J.Torres) hits the stands. The special guest Heroes are the old/new Doom Patrol! Way back when Torres and I were working on Alison Dare we used to talk about dream characters we'd love to work on. Both of us have a strange infatuation with the Doom Patrol. Torres first worked on them in Teen Titans Go which he wrote for, like, ever single issue!

Now I finally got my shot! J. wrote us a fun story with the full team and I more or less got to design them for the B&B style! In order to keep them familiar with the old Teen Titans Go audience I kept the purple and black costumes (and also because those costumes are cool) and I just made a few little minor tweaks to make 'em my own.

I love the heck out of the Doom Patrol and hope I get to draw them again!

This is my favourite page out of the book. I don't know may be the duck...but it just makes me laugh that I drew it.



mattcrap said...

cool to see a little JBone on some animated DCU again!

James Figueiredo said...

That's such a LOVELY shot of the Doom Patrol, man!
Gotta check this comic out!


Doug said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Doom Patrol. . .

Honestly, this is the one book I am most looking forward to on Wednesday.

Even cooler is the fact that it was announced this weekend that the Doom Patrol would be featured on the next season of Batman: Brave and Bold!


"Upcoming characters include Enemy Ace, Detective chimp, Haunted Tank, Vixen, Captain Marvel and the whole Marvel family, Viking Prince, Firestorm, Metal Men, Doom Patrol, B'wanna Beast, Starro "

Doug said...

And by "even cooler" I meant I'm certain that JBone's designs will be heartily referenced. At least they better be.

Paul Conrad said...

J-- This looks GREAT! Can't wait to pick up my copy!

Will Sliney said...

Nice one Jason, ill def be picking this up

j. said...

Mattcrap - Thanks :)

James F - Also, thanks. It's worth checking out most issues for the incredible art by Andy Suriano.

Doug - *CLUNK* (that's the sound of me fainting. Doom Patrol! Metal Men! This show just gets better and BETTER!!! I love James Tucker! Holy socks! They'd better make some Doom Patrol toys, that's all I gotta say. Teen Titans were supposed to have DP toys but I think the line was canceled before they hit the stores.

Paul - Remember to share your comics with the kids!

Will - Thanks, man! (p.s. I've been doodling on a WACOM tablet lately...must say I quite like it...)


Doug said...

Prepare thyself to CLUNK again, J.

These were officially confirmed at CCI this past weekend.

They'll be online exclusives through

Back on topic, I read the issue at lunch today (yes, I am a comic junkie and no I don't have a problem) and quite enjoyed it. Fun stuff. Looking forward to seeing more from you soon, J!

Matt Schuler said...

Batman: Brave and the Bold is one of my favorite books on the stands from the big two, and I'll make sure to pick this one up being a fan of the non-big name characters (such as Doom Patrol, Metal Men, Metamorpho, etc.)

These look terrific J!


Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Batman. Excellent work!

Man! I wish you were on a monthly.


Picked up the Shazam cover too! Excellent!

James M

Ben said...

The issue was super fun, and although that particular page didn't jump out at me at the time, in black-and-white with no dialogue it becomes incredibly amazing. Great stuff!

j. said...

Doug - Thanks, man. Those figures are awesome! I already order He-Man figures from I'm going to be anxiously awaiting the Doom Patrol figures!

Cosmic Pencil - Thanks. Y'know, it's one of my favourite books as well! It's my favourite cartoon too! I've got to remember to e-mail my editor and see if I can get some more interior work on it! It's just too much fun!!

James M - Excellent. Thank you so much. If it were as fun as B&B I'd happily do a monthly book. Tho I'd rather they keep Suriano on art and I'll do the companion book...starring Aquaman!

Though it occurs to me you could do Deadman: The Grave and the Mold.

I got as far as "Aquaman: The Wave & the..." but got nothing that rhymes with "bold".

Ben - Ha ha! Thanks. It must just be the duck that cracks me up.


Michael Kasaboski said...

Hey man - dig your work. Pleasure to make the acquaintance of another Toronto comic dude.

Scott Chantler said...

Oh, it's the duck for sure. I love that there are still comics where you can get away with drawing cartoon animals in that fashion.

Hopefully they're gonna let me draw one of these soon.

Scott Mullowney said...

I picked up the book and it is awesome. I hope it's a huge seller.

Andrew Murray said...

Hey J, Great Batman stuff!

Just wondering if you had any thoughts as to Ryan Reynolds being cast as Green Lantern?

Unknown said...

These are amazing!!! Man, your work is inspiring J. Also your bookbinding.

shane oakley said...

a match made in heaven!
love those bold lines and shapes, and the duck too.

you must draw more comics soon, give me something to buy!

shane oakley said...
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hiro said...

Nice to meet you.

I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

Please link me with the blog if it is good.


cheeseslope said...

I just opened my copy of Super Friends #18 and was stoked to see your art inside.

What do we have to do to get you on either Super Friends or B&tB everymonth?