Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Challenge of the Super Pets!

It's time for another Super Friends cover update! This week the Super Pets appear in issue #14 of the Super Friends. The story is written by the fabulously talented Sholly Fisch and hilariously drawn by Scott Shaw, Mike Kazaleh and Terry Beatty. Wow! Was this ever a fun cover to draw! My editor suggested I go iconic with it...and when I think I iconic I always remember Art Adams drawing covers with legions of heroes leaping out at the reader. So this is my Art Adams Super Pets Super Friends cover!
Two more covers to enjoy. The Circus issue is already out! I love the elephant on that one. Hey, does that horse only have three legs? Oops! The mystery cover is for issue #15 for which I drew the interior art. I can't show you any of that or else I'll risk spoiling the surprise. I will tell you that the cover image gives you NO CLUES for solving the, I've said too much :)

p.s. Just tacking on a p.s. to say that there's an interview with J.Torres and myself at the Doom Patrol blog. We talk about, well, Doom Patrol.


James Figueiredo said...

Not that the other two aren't beautiful, J, but the Super Pets Art-Adams-inspired cover kicks SO. MUCH. ASS.

Brilliant work, as always! But when are we going to see you doing interiors again, man?

J. (another one)

Ian Explosivo said...

Looks great man!

j. said...

James - Thanks, man. I'm doing interiors for another Super Friends for issue #18 and issue #7 for Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Ian - Cool! Thanks.


Bubbashelby said...

That Super-Pets cover is awesome! I must pick that one up.

Has WW always had a Kangaroo? That one is new to me.

j. said...

Bubbashelby - Way, way back when Wonder Woman first started out, she and the Amazons used to ride kangaroos. I don't know how often they've shown up in recent years...I'm sure it's been referred to. The Amazons Attack crossover might have been more successful if the girls had been riding 'roos!


Blam said...

The Super-Pets cover is fantastic, J. I'm not fond of the character design for this series & toy line, but with such a lovely cover and the fact that my nieces adore Krypto I picked up #14 without hesitation. Am I right in guessing that you colored this cover, too?

j. said...

Blam - Thanks, and I hope your nieces thanked you, for giving the book a shot. I do color the covers myself.


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