Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wonder Woman in Playboy!

Exciting news brings me to post today. A buddy send me a link to the Playboy blog which has a little piece on Darwyn's and my Wonder Woman story in the recent New Frontier one-shot. Clicking the link will take you directly to the blog post...which is fairly safe-for-work. There is no nudity, though cleavage is abundant in the banner ads. My feeling is the article is light-hearted and the writer gets that Cooke and I were having a bit of fun.
It's pretty cool! Just so I'm not posting without putting up artwork, here are some sketches done recently just for fun. Wonder Woman is pretty much my default doodle character. Gosh but I love 'er!



Anonymous said...


I love the look of the doodles. Especially the one with the closed eyes and the lasso. These are a different from your normal WW pieces I have seen and I love the light heartedness of them.

Shannon W.

Anonymous said...

I'd probably echo those comments - although I actually love the wide-eyed ones, too...

the eyes have a wonderfullu fresh cartoony feel.

I just love the lightness of touch (and I think the Arthur De Pins feel comes over quite strongly).

j. said...

Shannon - Thanks. I love drawing Wonder Woman in all different ways. For these sketches I was thinking of her as if she were to appear in kid friendly adventures. She's almost child-like in proportion herself.

John - I definitely love Arthur De Pins ability to draw the adorable. Can't deny the influence :)


Dapper Dan said...

Really love these sketches! Expressive and a lot of energy. Cheers :)

marko said...

I think the PB article was throwing some hidden jabs. I loved yours and Dar's work. Are you going to be in San Diego?

rory said...

These are really fun,nice cartoonin'!

Dan said...

Your WW's always raise the ol' pulse. Love the one in profile!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow!