Friday, December 07, 2007

Doom Patrol!

The title says it all. Just look at those awesome costumes. Why aren't there Doom Patrol toys for me to buy. I'd love the ol' twelve inch G.I. Joe size for these guys. That would be swell.



Anonymous said...

I frackin' love it (as they might say on the Galactica)!

Johnny Bacardi said...

Y'know, even though it's obscured by the (as usual, nicely done) figures, I really like that logo idea. Looks better than anything I've seen on the comics in ages, and that includes the Morrison/Case years.

Jordan said...

I would love to see more illustrations of your version of the Doom Patrol. Very nice.

Paul Conrad said...

Great great's been too long since I've been by these parts, and you haven't been slacking. Very cool stuff...I love your Doom Patrol take....but man, Metamorpho has a special place in my geekboy heart....think you can finish him up? :) Yeah, I'd totally buy a figure of him, like that. Cool stuff.
So when does the SuperFriends book come out (and is that the title?)

I loved the last ish of the Spirit by the way, great stuff as always....who was that dashing bearded fellow inspired by?


Howard Shum said...

Good piece!

j. said...

J.Torres - Thanks.

Johnny B. - Jeez, that's just a font I grabbed from my list...I think it's called "Giant X". Glad you dig it, tho'. I should adjust it a bit to make it more readable.

Jordan - Thanks. They're some of my favourite characters so odds are good I'll draw more of them.

Paul - I misplaced the pencil drawing of Metamorpho...but when I find it I'll ink him for sure. The book comes out possibly March of next year? Not exactly sure what it's going to be called but it has so far gone by the name "Super Friends" in all my editorial discussions.
And the dashing fellow with the beard in the Spirit? Dunno...I don't read the book ;)

Howard - Thanks, guy.Just a little something to fill the days until Christmas! :)


Jon McNally said...

* swoon *

B. Clay Moore said...

Now draw Mento!

j. said...

Jon - Need some smelling salts?

Clay - You got it. I plan on adding Mento, the Chief and Beast Boy. But for this shot I just wanted the red, white, orange and purple costumes. I'd hoped no one would mind that I put Cliff in purple boots to match his friends'.


Jason Quinones said...

i'm sorry, forgive my ignorance, but i must admit i'm not too familiar with doom patrol...but that won't stop me from appreciating the hell out of this beautiful artwork and telling you that this piece is GREAT!!

LOVE the girl and red guy especially!!

she looks BEAUTIFUL and he looks both cool and demented! must be the bandages on his face!

great work!

Brian said...

Man, I wish DC were putting out a Doom Patrol that looked like this. We need some "fun" books.

j. said...

Jason Quinones - Glad you dig the characters, Jason. Truly, you should check out the Doom Patrol. The guy with the bandages emits a "negative man" from his person and the lovely gal can grow or shrink. I prefer their first adventures but those could be expensive to find. Maybe one day DC will collect them in those lovely Showcase volumes they've begun releasin.

Brian - Agreed. The latest Doom Patrol was much too dismal for my liking.


Jon McNally said...

The juxtaposition of fun and doom makes me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Id love to see
Negative Woman

from 1977 showcase #95

The New Doom Patrol