Sunday, September 16, 2007

L'il Hawkman!

What do I want for Christmas this year? (Is it too soon to talk about Christmas? My mom wouldn't say so...she usually does all her shopping in October!) I want the new line of Mattel's DC SUPER FRIENDS! They are just the cutest little toys and I want 'em all.
The first wave has Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Lex Luthor. I'm really hoping the toys sell well so that we'll get more Justice Leaguers like Wonder Woman, Plastic Man and Hawkman! In my dreams they'd also do Metamorpho and the original Doom Patrol...but those are only dreams...*sigh*.

I can't wait till these cute little toys are in stores!

Incidentally, I've been working on some cool stuff lately but can't spill it just yet. Soon, though.

ever yours,


chrishaley said...

Those are already out here in the States, and they are awesome.
I've got Superman, The Flash, and Aquaman so far.

j. said...

Chris - ou are so lucky and I am jealous! I think they may be out here as well...I just haven't had a chance to get to a toy store to see 'em!

Aquaman is the one I really want!


chrishaley said...

Between that comment and this one, I got the Lex Luthor one for my b-day!
Plas and Metamorpho would be very high on my list as well.
Can you imagine if this thing really takes off, and we start seeing 4th Worlders and B-Listers?
What kind of wonderful world would that be?

Jon McNally said...

Kool Katar, sir. I do dig de toys but I'm dubious about the impending comics tie-in. Something I read referred to "comic mischief" but I'm not sure what that means.

Jason Truong said...

Hey J.

I'm sure they have been released in Canada. Just hit up your local Toys R Us, and they should be there.

- Jason

j. said...

Chris Haley - T'would be a truly wonderful world indeed. I just got the Batman from the local Toys R Us. They had Superman and Flash, too, but I'm really trying to cut down on my toys :)

Jon - Comics mischief...I think, means no rapes or women stuffed in refrigerators. They leave that stuff to the "grown ups" :) Seriously, the comics are gonna be aimed at a very young know, the age of the kids who are buying the toys (double smiley face, wink wink). And, um, I'm drawing the covers.

Jason T - Done and done. No Aquaman yet, though.


rachelle said...

Shouldn't you be getting a whole set for free?

Also, that Lil' Hawkman is adorable. I want a Lil' Booster Gold and Lil' Blue Beetle.

Damian said...

Lil Hawkman would be awesome and certainly picked up by myself immediately.

That said, lil Atom (normal sized?) needs to be out before the rest of that lot.

If I can get my Atom and Hawkman, the world would be a better place.