Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wonder Woman! I love you!

Just because. I haven't drawn Wonder Woman in a while and I really missed her.


rachelle said...

I love it! She's a brick house!

Chrissie A said...

She's so sassy! Nice job :)

Jason Quinones said...


nice job man!

j. said...

Thanks Rachelle, Chrissie and Jason.

And now I'm off to San Diego where I'll hopefully get a picture of me with Wonder Woman! She lives at the Comic Convention, right?


modmom said...

hi i clicked over from will kane.
wow, you are an amazing artist!
i saw wonder woman on tv recently, she still looks great + she's a recovering alcoholic lounge singer now

Anonymous said...

It's off topic, but I'm sorry to hear you and Darwyn Cooke are leaving the Spirit. It's easily my favorite monthly comic. It's one of the few that I can regularly go to and re-read. So thanks.

That said, I'm excited about the new projects. (though what I really want is that New Frontier: Catwoman/Black Canary story. Who in their right mind wouldn't green light that?) -alex p

j. said...

modmom - Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you...Lynda Carter still looks great. I love her!

Alex P - Thanks, man. Cooke and I are sad to leave but happy at the same time because we've both been looking forward to working on our own projects for some time now. One of these days I'll post up some of the Black Canary artwork we worked fact one of the images is in the back of Absolute New Frontier.


Steven Ng said...

Hi J.
Last saw you at WonderCon a few years ago. Didn't see you at SD, but I went to Albert and bought pages 11 and 22 from Tangled Web. Love Miss Kay. Heard Darwyn will be a guest at WonderCon in 2008. Will you be coming too?
Steven Ng

Jennifer Maciel said...

I love her! Your drawings of her have lovely movement and sass.

Recently, my bf and i bought a print of your chewie/han at TCAF -- i adore it. Definitely enhances my Chewbacca shrine. hehe!