Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays!

My Christmas card this year! I have many fond memories of waking up Christmas morning and running downstairs to see what Santasquatch left for me under the tree. His pungent odor still hung in the air as I tore into my gifts. It was always my intent to climb up to the roof and make a plaster-of-paris cast of Santasquatch's enormous footprint left in the rooftop snow...but dad wouldn't let me use the ladder. And although my image here shows cookies and milk in the foreground, Santasquatch actually prefers raw meat and birds eggs. *sigh* Oh, memories!

And here's the birth of Santasquatch. As you can see, when I originally drew him he was called Sant-Sasquatch. Drawn for Milo who also got the Puck drawing I did a few comic conventions ago.

hugs all,



marco's blog said...

so clean, so so nice, so sasquatchy!! love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Santa-squatch is fun and all, but I kinda like the "Creature stirring" plot as suggested.

j. said...

Thanks Marco!

And thanks, also, Anonymous. I'll be sure to remember that one come next year's card making. :)

I suppose it could be funny if I used the Creature from the Black Lagoon...hmmm...


Ty Buttars said...

Hope the Holidays were good to you J. And that Santasasquatch's feet weren't extra smelly this year :-)

Thanks once again for that Dick Tracy sketch you did for me in November.