Monday, July 24, 2006

Alpha Flight!

Todays entry is in part inspired by Jay Stephens' contribution to Project Rooftop! I love that Jay made the Shaman into more of an Indian totem than just a man in tights. Very cool!

I've been wanting to draw Alpha Flight in an animated-ey style for a few months fact it's been on my "To Do" list since December of last year! That drawing of Jay's was just the kick in the seat of the pants that I needed to get something done. This is not a re-design in the vein of Project Rooftop...although I am thinking it'd be fun.

Naturally, I've been re-reading all of my Alpha Flights since I started drawing this...and it struck me as odd that John Byrne spent TEN whole issues establishing the individual character's in their own issues as well as back-up stories before he got them together as a team just to KILL one of them (I won't say who because there may yet be a "new reader" out there :)

Yes, they teamed up in the very first issue and were still sort of together by issue two...but the stories quickly turned into non-team comics. Not that I mind, actually. I think if I'd been a reader back when the issues had come out I'd have probably skipped the issues with Northstar and Aurora...too much talking! I LOVE the two issues with Sasquatch fighting the Super Skrull! I think Byrne must have loved that Super Skrull because he used him again to re-vive Iron Fist in the pages of Namor!

I'll sign off now before this becomes a comic book review blog!



Anonymous said...

Nice! Great animated take on these characters. It's been years since I read any Alpha Flight books. Must dig them out an relive them.

j. said...

Thanks Don!
As I said I've been reading them again...and that Super Skrull issue is still the killerest! Sure the death of so-and-so was shocking and heartbreaking but I like aliens fightin' with bigfoot!!


I think I most definitely need to do a drawing of Omega Flight if only because Wild Child is wicked!


Unknown said...


j. said...

Thanks, Alina! I always love when I see a comment from you on a blog...because the vampire ice cream is so cute!


Anonymous said...

I love that! The look reminds me of "Justice Friends." But I do miss the old Alpha Flight...

j. said...

Thanks, J.
I'd love to see a Justice Friends treatment given to an Alpha Flight cartoon, eh! They bickered enough like roommates!

My friend Steve pointed out to me one of Snowbird's best lines..."Teach me to be a woman!" Ooh, such soap opera dialogue!


Chris Battle said...

Aw, man.... Alpha Flight really takes me back! The Saturday morning cartoon-watchin' kid I was would've loved this :)