Friday, May 19, 2006


You've seen these heroes before on this very blog although the Golden Owl was then green. Well, I thought they were some pretty cool looking characters and really wanted to develop them into something more. I don't want to jinx anything but it turns out other parties also think they're cool.


So I created secret identities and relationships for the characters. They're not a superteam, just a group of hereos who all work in the same city. I won't say too much more about them but I'll tell you that the Golden Owl is a comic book artist by day (or by night depending on deadline).



Rich Faber said...


I think we may have spoken before, a few years ago, via Mike Manley.

Anyway, I love these character designs! I've been trying really hard to evolve my work into a style more evocative of animation, but my natural inclinations tend towards realism. I've been looking at your work for inspiration, as well as Manley, 'Ringo, and others of that ilk. Thanks for posting these. I've been admiring your blog for a while now, and I'll continue to check back.


Anonymous said...


I really dig these heroes man. I'm already imagining what their alter ego's are and what their relation to one another is. Just off the character designs I'd say this could be a really fun read if it ever get's to print.

Good luck. I'll be watching for future developments.

Oh ya! Long time no see. I found your blogs. How ya doing? Drop me an email.


j. said...

Hey Rich, glad you found my blog! I'm constantly inspired by the two Mikes! For animation styling and simplifying I always turn to Jose Agreda, Steve Lambe, Steve Daye and almost all of the links they have on their blogs :)

Hey Don, it's been awhile. I've recently met and started hanging out with Mike Cho...who's stuff I first saw in your Space girl collection! Small community, eh! I'll write soon.

Thanks guys.
No word yet on how far this will go.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice stuff , thanks for sharing.

Rich Faber said...

Hi J,

Yeah, I know Agreda too. Nice guy, and his work constantly inspires!

I'm going to do some new links from my blog, and I need to put both you and Jose Luis there!

Hope to talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...


I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. BTW I might be down to visit Mike in the next little while. I'll be bringing the Alison Dare pages to show off.

Love the blogs and can't wait to see what you have to show off next.


Drazen said...

Looks great J.
Using yourself as the model for Golden owls secret identity I see.{minus facial hair of course]

Todd Kauffman said...

ha - wild. i like it too. hope you get somewhere with these characters.

j. said...

Hey Don - your email link gives me a dead link. If you've still got my old e-mail it should work...I still use "gobukan"

Draz - I wish I was that built :) I sorta thought the Purple guy's alter ego looked closer to me.

Todd - I've been keeping track of the status of your own project over at your blog. This pitching thing is for tougher birds than I. Any little change and I feel the weight of a hundred crushing things. *sigh*

Things are still in progress on this project...which is great.


Urban Barbarian said...

This blog keeps getting better and better! I love this one and the entries below are very inspirational~!

Lerkst said...


hehehehe. Great time, you know when, the 'other' J we know had a blast.

I REALLY like Owl. Sharp as a tack.

Take it easy, but take it.

ps. Batman Begins was NOT boring...

j. said...

Barbarian man - Thanks. It is YOU who inspire ME!

Lerkst - Liefeld couldn't draw circles with a template! All right...yes he can. But he can't draw them in proper perspective!

They should have called that movie "Bruce Wayne Begins" because Batman didn't show up until the second hour...and by then I was fast asleep.

peace out,

Easy Zee said...

Hey J. I just found your blog. Great stuff! I'm adding you to my links right away. I like range of techniques in your work. The owl is better brown than green. Although a green owl is pretty funny. I am going to try to make it to the Toronto Comic Con at the end of August. See you then.
ZeeMan out.

Scott Wright said...

I like superheros....I love these...go SPLAT!