Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonder Woman: Retroactive!

RealaseRetroactive Wonder Woman comes out today! Obviously I, once again, fail at self-promotion as the issue that I drew is in stores even as I type and I gave you no advanced notice!
So, here for your enjoyment is the cover process: Thumbnails first. My editor chose the one on the left with the suggestion that I make Wonder Woman the main figure instead of Diana. Followed by the inks wherein I was asked to change it back to Diana as the main figure :)
And then the final color cover with all the logos and stuff (aka "trade dressing"). The lovely cover colors were done by Carrie Strachan.

Hope you're all having a groovy summer!


Anonymous said...

$4.99? Too bad the price isn't 'retro'

Paul Conrad said...

Wow J.- Just excellent work.
I'll run right out and get my copy!

Justin said...

Ahhh man i wish i knew this was out would have grabbed a copy today when i was at the shop. Looks great man! Can't wait to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

I got my 2 copies!!!

Great visual story telling. Great work!

Please continue to do more J.

James M