Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dr. Sketchy's Toronto is back in session! Last night's model was the amazing Obskyura. Here are just a few of my drawings from the night:



Justin Rodrigues said...

These are sweet!

Mick said...

my giddy kippers!!! those are great and she looks to have been quite the study

Anonymous said...

Hey J-

Just got word of "DC RETROACTIVE: WONDER WOMAN – THE '70S".

I WILL be picking that up today!



j. said...

Justin - Thanks. Obskyura is just as sweet, believe me!

Mick - Oh, she was. She was indeed. Obskyura is one of those models who poses right down to her toes! Plus she wears amazing costumes.

James - Thanks, man. I hope you dug it.


Morena P said...

Hey Jason
I really like your interpretation of live models, I enjoy a lot your interpretation of dr sketchy models.
Do you have some hint of how you build your style around a live model? I do lots of these drawings but I find my work to be tired and without the vitality and strength I see in your work. any insight is much appreciated!

j. said...

Morena - Thanks. I've sent you a private message but (for the benefit of any other fellow artists reading :) the short of it is Draw all the time. I keep a sketchbook with me at all times and I'll doodle people in coffee shops, on the subway, waiting for the bus, etc... And I draw straight in marker. Drawing in marker forces you to make quick, artistic decisions. And to make mistakes. Just go ahead and make 'em.

Over time you'll gain confidence as you draw and the result will be stronger drawings.